How to Make karwa Chauth Day Special for Wife, With unique karwa Chauth Gift ideas for Wife

By | October 17, 2015

karwa Chouth

Karvachauth No longer remains a festival of north india,It has now become a national festival celebrated by married women throughout India.A festival that celebrates the love. Karvachauth is the day, So special for all the married women to strengthen and revive the bond of care, affection and love between husband and wife. All the suhagans keep the fast throughout the day to impress god and worship for the well being and longevity of their husbands life. The fast is known to be the toughest because in this fast you are not even allowed to have a sip of water you are supposed to be fasting all day long without eating anything until the moon turns up in the sky.

Ladies show their love, affection and commitment towards their husbands by keeping karvachauth fast. while all the husbands also show their love and respect for their feeling by giving them wonderful gifts. Best gift is the one that is thoughtful. karva chauth is coming and only few days are left. Are you in the search of best karwa Chauth Gift Ideas for Wife ??? well, it is always a matter of a dilemma. So don’t ponder about it much because we are here to help you out taking the right decision for gifts selection to make her feel special on this festival of karvachauth. Express the gratitude of thanks to your wife. Bring smile to their face adopting these ideas.

karwa Chauth Gift Ideas for Wife

1. Surprise them a weekend trip
Surprise them a weekend trip karwa Chauth giftschoose the destination as per her likes and dislikes.Well, a trip to her favorite place is lovely surprise that you can give to your lovely wife and can remind her of your love. no present could be better than a wonderful experience of a holiday trip.The place can be romantic like a sea view from your hotels gallery. . If you have the money, take her on a small holiday trip to an exotic place.Even if it is just a day trip somewhere real nice could be enough. your wife will love the idea of weekend trip .

2. A Unique Pendant and Chain as Karwa chauth Gift to Wife

A Unique Pendant and Chain karwa Chauth for wife

you can choose a pendant of her birthstone because this is personal and shows that you are thinking about her and who she is. You know your wife very well so it will be easier for you to decide the pendant that is personalized. For example you know her interests, what she likes and if she likes swimming or dancing then get the pendent from market that represents something of her interest. Also, when you are having a big budget, if you know what i mean you can gift her a diamond pendent. Diamonds are a girls best friend 😉


Romantic dinner : Best karwa Chauth Gift for wife is Romanticcc Dinner.

Romantic dinner with wife karwa Chauth gift

If she is into fancy restaurants, fancy places, delicious meals and loves food. Then this could be best idea. Plan the dinner a day before. Make some arrangements like buying her favorite flowers and booking for dinner. Take her to a really nice place for a romantic dinner and after that you can also go for a long drive. This combo will be perfect.

4. Designer Saree
Designer Saree to wife as karwa Chauth gift

Every women is in love with designer clothes. Pamper her and lavish her with a designer saree or clothes which looks best on her. Women have an obsession for designer clothes. Gifting her a beautiful designer saree will make her happy. But be careful about the trend. while buying saree keep in mind the saree is trendy.

5. Accessories (Handbags, jewellery).
Accessories (Handbags, jewellery).

Women love to carry a handbag wherever they go.Handbags are like friends to women. Women don’t step out from their home without handbag. This is the reason every women needs that trendy handbag. It goes with every outfit.To add on more, you can stuff her bag with the handwritten love notes and a box of chocolates.
Jewellery. From delicate gold, silver necklaces and rings to funky colored gems and bracelets, this is a fashion accessory that makes women feel confident and fashionable all the time. You can also buy pearl necklaces for any budget and style so no excuses. Pearls always add polish and elegance to outfit. Choose a genuine high quality freshwater pearls. Another choice is Gift her a silver ring with a sweet message (like “Grow old with me, the best is yet to be” ) engraved into the back of it.

6. Watches as karwa Chauth Gift idea for Wife 
Watches as karwa Chauth Gift for Wife

Wrist watches are timeless piece. Get designer watches with stone engraved on it or with colorful dials. Online store showcases thousands of special time pieces.

7. Keep fast with her is a Unique karwa Chauth Gift idea for Wife 
fast with her

It is said that woman has to make sacrifice ( remain hungry) for her husband’s long life. Why cant it be the other way around? In society that is already patriarchal, it would be lovely if the husband gave his hungry wife company on this day. And trust me, the kind of smile you will bring on her face would be priceless. Very touching thing to do.

8. Beauty Products as karwa chauth gift idea

Beauty Products
Every woman’s wish is to look beautiful. To inhance her beauty you can gift her the Branded Beauty range products. latest lipcolours, shampoos, face creams, body lotions, nail paints. Special Spa treatment package also be a good karwachauth Gift Idea For Wife.

9. Perfumes or Fragrances

Perfumes or Fragrances
Women love fragrance. It gives her confidence. They feel romantic if they get good perfume as a gift from their husband. Go to a best perfume shop, select a fragrance of her choice and gift her.Variety of Perfumes Will be ideal and best karwachauth Gift Idea For Wife.

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