Simple and Easy Diwali Decoration tips and Ideas For home

By | October 20, 2015

Diwali Decoration ideas for Home Diwali represents light over dark,good over evil , knowledge over darkness.

Home Decoration Tips for DiwaliIn north India, Diwali celebrates Rama’s homecoming, that is his return to Ayodhya after the defeat of Ravana and his coronation as king, in Gujarat, the festival honors Lakshmi, the goddess of wealth and in Bengal, it is associated with the goddess Kali. During the 5-day festival, there are numerous rituals that are performed, each unique in its own way. Diwali is one festival when everyone gets into the mood of buying new clothes, cleaning their houses, decorating their homes, shopping, making sweets, send Diwali Messages, wishes and all. The festive mood in the air during the time of Diwali captivate the interest of all and makes it a bigger celebration. Diwali is approaching fast. and the preparations have already started .Every Diwali, you will be painting your homes , shopping for the home decor items to give it a new bright look with an elegant decor. People like to decorate it with the traditional look also. You all must have been thinking of Diwali Decorations Ideas for Home. So, we have come up with the great ideas that you can stick to and they are also cost effective. These ideas surely gonna help you in giving your home a beautiful and unique look.

Our First Diwali Decoration Ideas for Home is Rangoli

HOme Decoration
Rangoli has its own significance. It is sacred and drawn on the entrance, or inside to welcome goddess Lakshmi. It is said to bring in good luck and prosperity. so this should be considered the foremost thing to do. I,personally love the idea of drawing Rangoli because it adds up to a unique traditional look for your home. You can draw Rangoli with many ways. Use flowers, rangoli using flowers always is a good choice. The fragrance of flowers diffuse around the home and neighbor hood.Flower Rangoli looks so eye catching and attractive.Buy some colorful flowers and get creative in your own style of design. Rangoli stickers , are also available in the market for those who have shortage of time.colors, rice,grains can also be used for Rangoli -making. Place diyas on it in a beautiful way that make your design look bright, exciting and very lively.You can also place an idol of Lord Ganesh, place a wonderful lamp stand in the center.Such a design is bound to look spectacular in the dark.

Best Diwali Decoration  Ideas for Home

Diwali Decoration-Ideas-for-Home

Use a regular glass as a candle holder Take some regular glasses and fill it less than half with pearls. Get some sinnlig scented block or nykar scented block candles from online store . place the candle on the water of regular glass . Your beautiful candle holders are ready to rock in your home. These candle holders create a perfect ambiance in home. and you can also buy sinnlig Scented candle in metal cup, Sweet berries, red and put flowers at the bottom of glass. Do it with small beautiful pebbles too. It is also difficult to beat a lantern style candle holder. Mixing Old World charm with modern beauty, lantern style candle holders can be used every day or for special occasion. Candle holders are also a good option for Diwali Gifts.

Hang string lights inside and outside the house is the nice idea for Diwali Decoration Ideas for Home

string lights
Let me tell you how to do it to enhance your home interior decor.The popularity of fairy or string lights can be credited to their versatility and low price . String lights are not new to us.But we use it in a same old way without any creativity. choose some really nice lights from market and on internet also there are many options.Before buying string lights please see the please see that you purchase lights manufactured by a registered and certified manufacturer and have compatible electrical sockets and extension wires. It’s better to buy battery operated LED lights because they are very safe. This diwali try something new with these lights.You can just string these along a wall or you can dress them up a little for a more mature look. These can be hung on the wall in any shape , be it a flame, a candle shape, ganesh form or anything you would like it to be. Another way of doing it could be wrapping the lights around curtains and chandelier. Illuminate your indoor and outdoor in a best way.

Now comes the special part and important decor item of Diwali that is Diyas

*Diwali Decoration tips and Ideas For home
It is believed that Diyas bring light and sparkle in the house whilst welcoming Goddess Laxmi in the house. Diyas are the symbol of light. As Diwali is celebrated on amavasya, but with all the diyas and lights it looks like full moon light. Handmade terracotta diyas are highly popular.If you can paint them, then pick your brush up and paint them as the way you want.It will make them look so colorful and vibrant.These diyas are available in vibrant colors and have fantastic artwork done on them. floating diyas to light up your home: They look beautiful by themselves or in a group, floating in water in a glass bow.For this , you need a big glass bowl and flowers. the bowl filled with enough water and flowers with floating diyas in it will make any space look classy.Make use of these varieties of diyas inside or even exactly outside your entrance as it’s traditionally done and see the beauty it brings to your space.

Diwali Decoration Ideas for Home entrance, your living room , bedroom and balcony.

Diwali Decorations Ideas
You can adorn the doors with marigold garlands . And yes, don’t forget to glue the holy impressions of Goddess Laxmi’s feet on the threshold . Decorate your home with mango leaves and marigold flowers, will bring good luck in the lives of family members. Hang Toran or door hanging made from marigold flowers and mango leaves at the main entrance door to attract blessings of God. living room is the main room. All eyes are gonna set in this room . So, Display floating diyas at the centre of table, lamps and flower vases. Use colorful light lamps and do not forget to burn aroma candles or incenses sticks in your living room to spread the aroma in the house. please do not over-decorate it. your living room should not be looked as if it is not our room and we don’t recognize it as our living room. keep it classy and beautiful. Bedroom decorations could be done with lighting around the curtains.If you have a garden, hang colored candle lanterns or string lights on low tree branches. Hang paper lanterns on your balcony ceiling.

Pooja Room decorations Lakshmi pooja on Diwali should be conducted in the northern sector of the house as it is associated with wealth.

Pooja Room decorations
Cover the pooja place with bright colored clothes like red.Red color is considered auspicious in Hindu religion. put lord ganesha on the left of goddess Lakshmi.Offer fresh marigold garlands in front of god idols. Brighten up the pooja place with diyas, candles, flowers, banana leaves and and a little bit fairy lightnings.Apart from that, bring out the traditional serving bowls, plates and cutlery golds and silvers. Diwali is also the best time to use and flaunt your silverware.Use these for parsad.Making decorated pooja thali is not a difficult task and if it is you can buy ready made decorated thali.After that put the ingredients like rice, fruits and sweets, fresh flowers and candles in the thali.If you want to draw om and swastika in the pooja room then use flowers or earthen diyas for it.

Some More Diwali Decoration Ideas For Home and some simple Steps that you can Enjoy Doing in Decoration of Diyas at your Home.


1. For Decorating Diyas I used old bangles and Fevibond and made such amazing glittery Diyas.

Diwali Decoration ideas from Waste

2. The air is full of festivity. Diwali is such a great festival that it brings new life in our routine life.
This Diwali you can decorate your house with Moroccan light holders.They look very beautiful in different colours. You can keep these Moroccan lamps holders on table tops also. They are also available with A cast iron stand, and 2 tea light holders.
These lighted lamps will shin. They come in various colours blue, red, purple, pink, greenand yellow.

3. One new and unique idea for decorating your house this Diwali is making diya holders with old cd’s and globalls(Bante:we were used to play as kids).

Diwali Decorations


You have to stick these globalls on old CD or compact disk one by one with the help of Fevibond.Make first circle , then next circle on the top of first and so on.Continue till your required height.Finally it looks like a pen stand. Then put a Diwali lamp in between and let your diya twinkle like a BRIGHT DIWALI STAR.

4.We can make diya stands/base with old cd’s and fevicryl 3d outliners and sequenes.
You have to draw any pattern on old cds(compact disks).
Next you have to use fevicryl 3d outliner on this pattern as shown.
Add sequenes.
Place 2-3 decorated cds together and light diya on it.
yours eyes will shine with them when you light them as your creativity give a new look to old boring traditional diya an ARTISTIC LOOKS.

And these decorative diyas also decorate your house in a different way.These ideas give your house a totally NEW LOOKS.Everyone who comes to your home and see your creativity sure will praise you and your creativity.

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