Unique Way To Celebrate Diwali, Diwali is the awareness of the inner light

By | October 19, 2015

About Diwali: Diwali is one of the biggest, brightest and most important festival Celebrated by Indians. The most spiritual significance behind Diwali is the awareness of the inner light. Light over Darkness, victory over evil is the main essence of this festival. Every house is illuminated with lamps and lights during Diwali night.

There is an ample amount of excitement in the air during Diwali. I know you all must be eagerly waiting for Diwali to come. You all will have some plans to do on this Diwali, But we present you the special things to make your Diwali a memorable one.

Unique Way To Celebrate Diwali 2015

1. Go Green , Go for Eco-Friendly Diwali

Way To Celebrate Diwali

When the Whole world is facing the problem of pollution, this is the Unique Way to Celebrate Diwali to go Green because it might be the one day for you to burn crackers but the effect last for a long time. Let fill our homes with Prayers and lights but not with fumes and crackers. Our environment already got enough problems to deal with, let’s not make the it more problematic. Abolish crackers and Go for traditional diyas which are biodegradable and cost effective. you can also use paper lamps. It make your home look beautiful and Different. Respect all the creations of God and nature your earth.

2. Decorate your home

unique Way To Celebrate Diwali
It is not every day you decorate your home. when Diwali is around the corner there is a festive mood in the air. So, De-clutter all the things which are not essential in your home, clean it up and decorate in your own style light up the house with beautiful diyas.Drawing rangoli is considered a good omen. The intricate designs of rangoli near the main door can give it a traditional look. It is believed that decorating home on Diwali is considered to very positive,spiritually therapeutic and Goddess Lakshmi also visit your home to give blessings.

3. Plan something for the Diwali night

Best Way To Celebrate Diwali
You can plan out a delicious family fare at your house with your relatives, by inviting them at your house for pooja and a big joint family dinner. If you are good at cooking then put on your apron and prepare the delicious dinner for your family. It will make their day and it is the best and Unique Way to celebrate Diwali. Take family photographs to capture these beautiful moments.

4. Do Pooja

Diwali is also known for its Pooja and rituals. Pooja is performed during the five days of Diwali period. It is said to be the most important thing to do. It brings positivity to your home. A strange kind of tranquility dawns.

5. Do some Noble deeds

This Diwali, make a promise to help the needy People By doing this you will definitely get Inner peace and in this way you will Celebrate Diwali in a Unique Way. Distribute sweets to the underprivileged children. Be kind, humble and nice to all. Spread love and happiness. Do charity,not only will this help the poor but also create good karma for you. Donate to the poor or deprived children . You can take a visit to orphanage and spend your day in bringing smile to the children. and also we all have piles of old clothes in our home that can be given to the needy. This Will be your  Unique Way to celebrate Diwali  in real terms.

6. Spread awareness about Eco-friendly Diwali

What can be done to spread awareness among youth and children . Start from the root level. Visit schools and spread the message of crackers-free Diwali to children. children can play most important role in this because their parents will be obliged accordingly. Start a campaign with children to plant more and more trees. Start sending Green Diwali Messages to Friends and relatives.

7. Give up your Bad habits

Give up your Bad habits copy
This is the great time to leave your bad habits like smoking and drinking. Make a vow to care about yourself and your health. Your family will get so happy knowing it.

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